Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rhinebeck Recap

I hope to bring a bit of a different perspective to you about Rhinebeck than all the others you've read. I think I may be able to tell you some things no one else has. I'll give you short sentences till we get to the important stuff...

Yeah - Friday we had horrible weather driving up.

Friday evening we checked into the hotel and hung with Shannon and Stephanie.

Jen and I wanted to get to The Fold as early as possible. We got to The Fold about 5 minutes before they started actually checking people out with their purchases. We had our first yarn bought before 9AM.

My second purchase of the day was at Briar Rose Fibers. I introduced myself to Chris and showed her my Cherry Leaf Shawl. Love her! Buy her yarn!

We headed back to the car to lighten our load and that's when it happened. I found the patch of uneven ground right there at the back left bumper and twisted my ankle. I twisted it so badly I even heard it pop. OOOWWWW!

Thank God we were at the car. Jen made me sit down and put up my leg and we sat there for a good 1/2 hour or more. Then I decided to test the ankle out and it felt OK to walk, so we headed over back into the fairgrounds. We had our dessert first. Jen sat me on a bench and went to get our apple pie and apple crisp a la mode. OH MY GOD! My ankle was feeling much better after that.

So we went back into Building A, because Jen wanted to look at a couple things again. It was also conveniently located close to the First Aid building, just in case. I made my third purchase at the booth where they sold lace & fingering weight yarn. I wanted to get yarn made with camel hair. They had some beautiful laceweight yarn, 50/50 silk and camel. So soft. So pretty. Some came home with me. Some Quiviet may have fell into my bag also.

My ankle was done for the day at that point. Jen and I hobbled over to the First Aid station (Jen walked. I hobbled) to get an ice pack. That's where I pretty much spent the rest of the day. I was even the first casualty of the day for the EMTs. Jen went with one of the EMTs to show her where I twisted my ankle and on the way she ran into Shannon and Stephanie and she told them of my misfortune.

When Jen got back I decided to move to the bench in the front of the First Aid building because the day was beautiful and there was good people watching from that vantage point. Shannon came by to keep me company and I shooed Jen off to finish seeing the rest of the yarn. Then I shooed Shannon off because I was happy where I was, and I had purchased all I really wanted to get (notice I didn't say NEEDED). Unfortunately I didn't have any knitting with me, but it didn't matter. The time went quickly.

Now I can say from first hand experience that NY Sheep & Wool organizers/Rhinebeck have great EMTs who provide top notch care to those injured on their property. While talking with the woman who checked my ankle and gave me the ice packs, I found out that this is one of the festivals they all love to work because of the low incidences of injuries.

So nice to know. More proof that knitters are the bestest of folks.


Trillian42 said...

Oh, sweetie! I wondered what happened to you when I didn't see you again! I'm so sorry! :(

Zonda said...

Ouch!! Hope it's getting better! :)

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh OW! That'll be me. You watch. I'll be the first and probably only casualty at SAFF. God that sucks. But what in the hell were you doing there without any knitting? WTF?

KathyInStitches said...

omg, what is it with the right foot this year?!!?!?

Sending tons of healing vibes your way!!!