Friday, October 19, 2007

YPF/BlogStalking 2.0 Week 5

Well, there won't be a YPF from me because I didn't have time to pull something yummy out of the stash because I was too busy packing and unpacking and washing and selecting projects and whatnot for...


Then I realized that I didn't post my BlogStalking Week 5 assignment, even tho I thought I uploaded the photos to Flickr. So my week 5 assignment will be late because I already packed the camera and extra batteries for...


No, I'm not excited at all. Jen and I are heading up this afternoon so we can get a fresh start tomorrow morning. I can't wait. I have a hot weather outfit and a cool weather outfit, but either way I'm going to be sweltering in the Cherry Leaf Shawl.

I'll post my week 5 assignment when I get back along with a Rhinebeck recap. And next weeks YPF will be all NY Sheep and Wool purchases!

For those of you coming - See you tomorrow! For those of you that can't come - you'll be missed!


Bezzie said...

Wait, where are you going this weekend?

Dorothy said...

I hope you are having incredible amounts of fun and getting to stuff fabulous yarns in your bags!