Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BlogStalking #10

(I'll post BlogStalking week 9 when I get home to the camera)

Things for which I'm Thankful

I guess it goes without saying that I'm thankful for my family and friends, and my little fur ball Katie, so here is the other stuff:

I am Thankful for:

~The internet. I've met so many wonderful people through bulletin boards for two of my obsessions hobbies. Some of these folks I've known for almost 10 years. Is that possible Kathy?

~My therapist and psychiatrist, without whom I'd be paralysed by my anxiety disorder and locked up in my house (since the anxiety manifests as agoraphobia – funfunfun).

~ Jen, who was the only person I felt it was "safe" to go anywhere with while I was in the middle of the anxiety stuff (besides my immediate family). Without her I would never have gone to Rhinebeck in 2006 or on a winter yarn crawl in Philly this past January.

~ Shannon, Pam, Cristi, Laurine, Bezzie and all the Knittys I've met the past year. Ya'll were and still are the light at the end of the agoraphobic tunnel. You pulled me out of my house to meet up with you, which means so much.

~ My yarn stash. I’m very, very, very thankful for that.

~ My Mom and Granny. I know I already said I was thankful for family, but this is special. Mom taught me to knit & Granny how to crochet when I was a wee little thing. Most importantly tho they taught me how to read patterns for each.

~ Hand knit socks. I can’t say I’ll NEVER go back to store bought, but I will always have hand knit socks to wear in cold weather.

~ 300 thread count sheets. I’m worth it.

~ Bare Escentuals makeup

~ The people who make me laugh, cry, think deep thoughts, learn all sorts of things, and let me know I’m not all alone in how I deal with things.: John Scalzi, Pamela Ribon, Cherie Priest, Kate Harding, Laurie Perry, Kathy and Roberta.

~ I’m thankful for my ancestors, who passed on the DNA which makes me look much younger than I actually am.

Lastly - I'm thankful you read this all the way through!


Bezzie said...

And you drove all the way to see us!!!

Great list, and I made it all the way to the end! ;-)

Kniterella said...

Yay for you - I was smiling and remembering that I have things to be thankful for too. Thanks for helping me stir up those thought on a day like today.

Beverly said...

It's so nice to read what others are thankful for. Gives me a warm feeling.

KathyInStitches said...

I am sooo thankful for you... and I resolve to come see you in '08!!

Love you much :)

turtlegirl76 said...

You're the best, you know that? Thanks for sharing your wonderful, thoughtful list with us. *Hugs*

Eryn said...


Shannon said...

You are such a dollface-I'm grateful to have met you-your list was very touching!

Trillian42 said...

Love you bunches, sweetie! I feel so lucky that I got to meet you, and hang out with you TWICE since then!