Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love this TV show

The one new show this season that really stands out for me is Pushing Daisys. I had hopes for other new shows, but there is really only one that comes close (and that one may live an untimely death because of the writer's strike) which is Samantha Who? written by Pamela Ribon, better known as Pamie.com. If you've not read her blog, book mark her and spend some time there.

Anyway - Pushing Daisys has several things going for it. A very odd, fantasy concept. The main character is a pie maker who can bring dead people back to life with a touch, and then can "unanimate" (deanimate? redead?) them with another touch. So he and his partner (a PI who discovers his secret) talks the pie maker into finding out how people died from them directly, and calling into tip lines to collect the reward money. The catch is that he has to get the information from the recently dead person within a minute or someone else, close in proximity will die.

Things go awry when he reanimates his childhood sweetheart and doesn't touch her again. Which means he can NEVER touch her again.

So here is this crime solving crew who works out of a pie shop and the pie shop waitress who knows something isn't right with the Pie Maker's sweetie and all the assorted customers and "clients" who come along.

What 90% sold me on this show is the narrator, Jim Dale. Anyone who has listened to the American version of the Harry Potter books on tape know how wonderful he is to listen to. He brings whatever he reads to life. Although he isn't seen his voice is one more rich and intriguing character.

Oh and Swoosie Kurtz & Ellen Greene play the sweetheart's grieving aunts.

The other 10%... the tough as nails PI "Emerson Cod" has a pass-time that keeps his stress levels down. Knitting. He has knit sweaters, gun holsters and cozies for all the reward money. There was even a line about how he was not yet ready to knit in public.

Watch this show. Hopefully it will return after the writer's strike is settled.


Jo said...

I like this show as well - the colours in it are so clear and pretty.

Georgiann said...

I've only seen bits and pieces so far, but I had been looking forward to it because of Kristen Chenoweth. Maybe I'll get to watch a whole episode tonight!

Dorothy said...

A knit gun holster. Cool! I wonder if I could con the Mr. into carrying a felted gun case into the bush to go hunting. :)