Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cat Xanax


I bought the Feliway diffuser and had it shipped before I even left NC. I read Turtlegirl's blog and if it could solve her kitty issues, well, that was enough for me.

Monday, I plugged it in and left the house to meet Jen for coffee and belated Christmas celebrating. I got home a couple hours later, spent another hour with Katie and then let Noel out of her room. Now - 3 days later, they sleep on the bed with me (not together tho), drink from the sink at the same time and I even caught them touching noses this morning.

It was well worth it! Thanks for blogging about it Cristi.


Bezzie said...

Hm, interesting stuff. Someone's making millions!

Eryn said...

Hooray for happy kittehs!

turtlegirl76 said...

I liken it to living in a houkah. Keep the cats high, and all is well. Duuuuude.