Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Today is all about socks, because that's all I've been knitting this week. Technically, these are still WIP's even tho I have one sock done so the pics look a little better than they would if they were partially knit.

First up is my Momma Monkey Memorial sock. I am so sad and well, sick about Gigi's passing. What a loss to the knitting community. She will be greatly missed.

This is her Heart Anklet pattern, knit will the closest purple/lilac yarn I could get my hands on quickly in my stash, which is Lion Brand Micro Spun. I'm going to love wearing these around the house. Sock 1 was done in 2 days and the second is cast on and I should have it done by next WIP Wed.

Here is the first Noro sock completed. I had said I wanted to wash the first one and then decide if I would carry on with knitting the second. Well - I did wash it and it doesn't feel any softer than when it was knit up. But what am I going to do with one sock? So I'll cast on the second sock and get a pair out of them and either gift them to someone with big feet like me or put them in my sock drawer and never wear them. I have a second skein in a different color that will be mailed off to a certain someone to try herself or put in the kitty as a prize for her contest. Yes, THIS contest.

I'm still working on the Sox Appeal socks. I'm really happy with the yarn and how the sock is knitting up. I should have this one done in a couple of days and then I can cast on for sock #2.

And since they went into the mail today - here are my three hats for Hats for Alex, February edition. Last month the colors were very boy oriented, so this month I went for girly. Who knows what I'll end up knitting in March!

The afghans and the Cherry Bomb tank haven't been touched this week. Although, I do need to get new tires on the car so there is a goodly chunk of time to work on something while I sit and wait this weekend.

I did finish 2 of the 4 squares for The Hope Lodge afghan. I've been thinking about patterns for the other two squares and would like to have them done no later that the first week of March so I can get everything sent out in the mail with plenty of time to spare. I hear there is a picture of one of the squares on the site, so check it out! Link in the side-bar.


Beverly said...

You've been busy! You'll have to let me know how that microspun wears. I have a couple of skeins of hot pink that I bought to make socks, but I'm afraid that they'll make my feet sweat.

Bezzie said...

Aw!! That will make a great addition to the prize kitty! And speaking of kitties, you could always take those Noro socks and your kitties could have the jazziest Christmas stockings around! (Although I think you should wear 'em!)