Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WIP'n it for Charity!

This WIP Wednesday is a little different. I mentioned a secret project I was involved in and now that everything is up and running, I can talk about it.

I've been asked to design some squares to be made into an afghan which will be the prize in a drawing for all those who donate to The Hope Lodge.

I'm very excited about this project. It fits in with my wanting to do more charity knitting, and I get to design something on a small scale. I also get to use more Briar Rose Fiber and that's always a good thing!

The process hasn't been easy. The yarn is beautiful and the colors so unique that I want to make sure what I knit shows off the yarn. Ever since it arrived, I've been sitting with all my stitch dictionaries around me and a pad of graph paper and I've been doodling with pencil and yarn (left over Sonoma from Mom's Retro Cardi).

Go here to read about the drawing and see the yarn, and to keep up on our progress. Here's the link to The Hope Lodge again, and you can donate here.


Bezzie said...

Ok, that is SO cool!!! And Grand Rapids--hee hee, rock on!

That yarn is gorgeous--but yes, what a challenge designing something to properly show it off!

Eryn said...

Awesome! You will come up with something fabulous.

I can't wait to see it.