Friday, February 08, 2008

There is nothing more appropriate for YPF than...


I twisted my co-worker's arm yesterday and made her come to the LYS with me at lunch time. While I was scoring some yarn which will be shown on a future addition of YPF (on SALE no less), the owner was putting these little beauties out in her stock. Well, I HAD to buy some to try didn't I? And I thought it would be a cool idea to make another pair of ankle socks for Mom for Mother's day, so I picked up the purples.

I couldn't help but cast on last night. Look at the purty little picot edge! Look at the appalling lack of activities in my planner!

The yarn is stretchier than Fixation, and a little thinner too, but really really soft. I was using a US 3 with the Fixation and this called for a US 2. I think it will knit up interestingly. It's a little, aaahhh, ruffly (if you've seen it than you know what I mean) and doesn't make for good stitch definition, but they're ankle socks, so who cares?

I also bought 2 balls for a pair of socks for my Dad. He needs another pair of socks from me cause Mom says when she washes the pair I made him, he practically waits by the washer & dryer for them to come out. Like a kid waiting for their blanket to be washed. heh!


Catherine said...

Oh cool! I just bought that exact yarn in that exact color. It was so squisy I couldn't resist. I can't wait to see how they turns out!

Bezzie said...

Hm, a squishy fixation esque yarn? Mind if I ask how much? I should really try that kind of stuff..but I'm afraid of spending the $ and then not being able to do that weird stretch and knit thing you sorta have to do (right?)

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that's pretty.