Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesdays are for:

WIPs! And since it’s Ash Wednesday, a confession.

Noro socks: work on these socks continues slowly. The yarn is just not as soft to work with than a lot of other sock yarns in my stash. I hope it softens up when I wash and block them.

But I really love the colors; except for the cat puke color that’s in every Noro colorway. (the cat puke color is at the top of the cuff in case you needed to know)

I’ve finished two hats for the Hats for Alex charity for February. Some days it’s easier to pick up some extra yarn and dpns, cast on and knit knit knit knit. Actually, what I’ve been doing is working on one thing (say, my afghan) getting bored but wanting to keep knitting or crocheting so I pick up a hat. I can get a hat done in a couple nights this way and I don’t have to think too hard about what I’m doing, so my hands are working but my brain can wander where it wants to go.
I have been working on my afghan, and have a bunch of hexagons done. I’ve been trying to devote a couple of nights a week to crocheting a couple of hexagons for this. It’s going to be a HUGE blanket. But I still love it and I can’t wait for the finished product.

Lastly, I was a horribly bad girl and started ANOTHER afghan. I was looking through the Lion Brand catalogue and I saw the Circles to Squares afghan and it struck me as perfect for my brother. I crocheted 2 squares for it, but I was having trouble counting to 24 (sad aren’t I) and two was all I could manage before I flipped out. So I put that away and finished baby hat #2.

The yarn colors perfectly match his décor, especially his couch. I’ve modified the pattern to make it longer. He is 6’5” and blankets are never long enough for him so I wanted to make sure that if he naps out on the couch, he can be covered sufficiently.

I thought I’d update my WIP/UFO list from end of year. I may do this every month or so to keep these projects here so I won’t “forget” about them. I don’t want them hanging around another year.

Cherry Bomb Tank
Lady Eleanor Shawl
Viveka - Frogged. Yarn reclaimed for some other project which has yet to call to me.
Simple Shrug – will be frogged. Yarn reclaimed and will be used for my afghan
Afghan of my own design
Babette's Blanket
Handsome Shawl
Argosy Baby Blanket - Finished
Charlotte's Web V2
Embossed Leaves Socks - Finished
Salt Peanuts
Noro Socks of my own design

I’m excited to see some of these items come off the list, after only a few weeks. I’d like to get to the Cherry Bomb tank this month. It will give me something else to wear right when all I want is some spring weather and brighter clothes. Tomato will come after that.

There is also a super secret project I'll be working on starting this week, so stay tuned for details.


Beverly said...

Ahhh, progress! I love making lists because I love the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

Bezzie said...

Oh my lord, those socks are freakin' gorgeous!

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooooh the socks are looking great!