Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging for Orien Rose

When I worked at the job I love to call the ass crack of hell, there was a small group of people who worked there that I became friendly with. I wouldn’t have lasted there the 3+ years I did without these few wonderful people.

Anyway, Roberta is one of those few people I considered (and still do) a friend. Mostly we keep in touch by reading each other’s blogs and commenting. But once in a while, for whatever reason, we re-connect and it’s like there was no lapse in time, like we just talked last week.

She sent me this yesterday and since I’ve helped ya’ll when I can, now it’s my turn to ask for your thoughts and prayers.

The internets are huge, but despite this, we’re really a small community with a lot of power. We’ve all seen what the power of knitters can do. So, I’m asking a favor for a friend of a friend. Roberta and her sister sent the message below yesterday. It’s the least I can do to post the information and say a prayer and ask you to do the same (say a prayer, send positive energy, think good thoughts, or whatever you feel most comfortable with) for Orien Rose.

"Orien Rose is a miracle. She is a nine year old girl who, just over a year ago, was in a horrific boating accident. There was skull, facial, and brain injury. Really bad stuff. Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June 24th, she is having surgery, and we are looking for as many people on this earth as possible to simply think of her, and send positive energy.

You should see her now; have a look at this article from the other day. Orien is an exuberant and hilarious kid, and the interviewer doesn't even mention how she burped the entire alphabet for him.

If she were doing only half as well as she is the doctors would still be baffled by the speed and thoroughness of her recovery.

She is alive, well, and burping today due to teams of skilled and dedicated paramedics, doctors, nurses, and therapists, the fierce dedication of her parents, and the power of community. Orien Rose has been prayed for by Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Santeros, she's received energy from witches, Reiki masters, and anyone willing to simply hold a positive image in their minds for a moment.

Tuesday morning she faces the final hurdle: Replacement of the missing portion of her skull; a coordinated effort by neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and infection control specialists. AND by the people who've been sending her positive energy of myriad forms for this past year.

Orien, her father, asks that people put a reminder on their alarm clock. A reminder to just think about Orien Rose when you wake up. They check into Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, R.I. at 6:30 AM (eastern time) and the procedure begins an hour or so later, and it will go on awhile, so whatever time you get up will be fine.

You can read Christine's blog about Orien Rose's progress, and their progress as a family.

Feel free to repost this on your blog, or link here, or write your own version in your own words (or all three).

Oh! And now that I think of it, if you do go to Christine's blog, leave her a comment. I'd like to see her blog crashed by the spike in activity.

Thank you for being part of this very real miracle. As soon as we hear about the results of the surgery, we'll get a follow-up post out.

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And thanks from me - for letting me hijack my own blog for a moment.

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