Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Questions and a Fitness-a-long Update

HS Guy never asked me out on a second date. He actually became very non-communicative and then disappeared all together. Do I have to tell JtH she was right? You know I’ll never hear the end of how she knows what’s right for me and I don’t right? Why do I keep finding these jerks? Why do they find me? Why do I fall for their lies and lines every time?

Since HS Guy disappeared, my “fiancé” has been around a lot lately. He actually called a DAY IN ADVANCE to ask if he could stop by. Usually he calls when he’s like 2 miles away. Anyway, I was so pissed about HS Guy that I called my “fiancé” back and told him to come over. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s what I wanted to do.

When he gets there he has a shopping bag full of veggies from his garden and then he starts trying to figure out why my kitchen faucet has no water pressure. He takes the whole thing apart, tells me that what I really need is a new one and what kind do I want? He’ll come back and install it for me.

Then he cleaned my kitchen counters and took out the trash.

See, the thing is, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. He hasn’t ever taken me out, and I usually only see him when he’s in the neighborhood and calls to see if I’m home so he can stop by.

But on the other hand, he calls when he hasn’t seen me for a couple days to find out how I’m doing. He’s very easy to talk to, makes me laugh and generally has good advice. Combined with all the aforementioned stuff he does around my place when he’s there (without me asking) and I’m just plain ole confused. Oh yeah, he’s cute too.

What the heck do I do about this? Maybe this is something I just shouldn’t question. I welcome all opinions.

Fitness-a-long update
I got on the scale this weekend and I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds since May. It’s taken a while to get rid of them, but they’re gone and that’s what counts.


Trillian42 said...

13 pounds? That's AWESOME!!!

Karen said...

Dunno what to tell you about the "fiance". But, congrats on the weight loss!!

Kim said...

Maybe you can just enjoy his company as-is and not read more/less into it.

Great job on your weight loss!

loopykd said...

Don't doubt yourself. If you don't think this guy is the guy for you, and from your other posts, you don't, then he isn't. Your first instincts are right. HS guy is a jerk (obviously) and you shouldn't change your judgement on him or other guys either. I am the same way. I would rather be considered gullible or stupid than think everyone is a jerk and have them prove themselves otherwise. Does that make sense? I would rather think the world is good and nice right off the bat even if I'm wrong.

Bezzie said...

Hey man if he takes out the trash and does plumbing, who cares about having a relationship? Ha ha!

Hmmm...13 seems to be your number. (I stil think it was cool you were row 13 seat 13!)