Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Mystery Solved

I’ve been unable to access my wireless internet connection at home. I noticed it on Sunday, but was able to connect though a neighbor's wireless (which I hate doing) for a quick check of my e-mail and my standings in the weekly football pool.

This is not an uncommon thing for my wireless to crap out. I either have to disable and enable the wireless card or re-boot the wireless router. After completing the disable/enable routine to no avail last night, I went to check the router. There was no power to it. I checked the power cord and all the wires attached to the router. Everything looked fine. So I checked to see if “someone” unplugged it. Nope, still plugged in.

I got a really bad feeling and checked the cord. Look what I found.

Gee. Who could have chewed the cord so effectively?

Nom it? Not meez. Musta beez sum onz elz.

It wasn’t my day to watch her.

I’m afraid one day I’m going to come home to a crispy cat. So I’m going to PetSmart and Home Depot at lunch to get whatever it is you put on wires so cats won’t chew them, and to Home Depot to get one of those hose type things to tame the rest of the computer wires.


Bezzie said...

Now's there a question the techs don't ask you when troubleshooting "Has the cord been chewed by an animal??"

I hope you find something that will keep her from munching the wires. I'm reminded of that scene in Christmas Vacation!!

loopykd said...

How do they not get electrocuted when they hit the wire inside the insulation? Weird! Or maybe they do, but you just missed it. I wonder what it looks like.