Friday, September 19, 2008

Never screw with the Space Time Continuum

It all started last weekend. The pseudo boyfriend aka my "fiance" (or as Bezzie and I have been calling him, Commander Klingon – cause he keeps clinging on. Bezzie is brilliant!) came over to watch the Jets game and cook me dinner. While we ate dinner the station switched to a different game (Denver v Oakland I believe) and it was a very dramatic finish. After we ate Cmdr K went in to catch up on what was happening during the game. I told him that we could rewind the game on the DVR so we could see what we missed.

He went on a rant about how doing that ruined the entire idea of live television, and how could I not see that watching it live was superior to rewinding and basically I was equivalent to the DEVIL for rewinding.

Since this was a completely new (and incredibly crazy) take on DVRs I thought I’d delve in a bit more.

What about recording TV shows or movies? That’s OK.
What about other live events, like the Oscars? That’s OK too because he has no interest in them.
So this only applies to sports? Yes.

He went on about how with sports you have to experience it right then and there or it isn’t the same thing. It didn’t have the same effect.

I asked him if he thought that by rewinding or pausing live TV I was fucking with the space time continuum because I didn’t have that capability – YET. The outcome is still THE SAME! Just a few minutes later!


Which leads me to think that maybe the woman I work with knows the secret to time travel, and to bending time to suit her needs.

Yesterday she came in after 8AM and left at 4PM and put in for 8 hours. (yes I’m petty and checked her time sheet. She checks mine so it’s tit-for-tat). Today she was in before me (as per usual) and left at 2PM. Once again she put in for 8 hours.

I think I need to ask her how to mess with Cmdr K and his favorite live sporting events. She may be useful for something after all.

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Bezzie said...

Hahahahahaha! I love the way you linked them!