Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh look! Knitting content!

2 finishes and 2 new projects

I finally decided the Ribbon Lace scarf was long enough and cast it off. I’m really happy with it. I’ve yet to wash and block, which I think will be two separate processes because of its length. I’m going to wash it and then let it dry, then steam block it. I just don’t have the room to pin it out to block.

Besides, I have a little kitty who would love to pull all the pins out and carry them around the house. That would be bad. I forgot to take a photo of it, so imagine it all pretty and long and blocked.

During the Ravelympics, when I realized that the Seascape Shawl and I were going to have a parting of the waves (heh!), I cast on this little beauty. It’s my first ever mobius knitting. It’s a cowl, which is kind of wide. I used alpaca sock and since I tend to run hot all the time, the wideness should help keep me at a comfortable temperature when outside.

I loved knitting this. I have plans to make another because I have some beautiful yarn that was initially earmarked for socks but will make a beautiful cowl.

Onto the new starts. The Bountiful Bohus Sweater from More Big Girl Knits has been calling to me ever since the book came out. I love this cardigan. Not to mention that I got the yarn at 20% off because I finished my DIC Mr. Greenjeans sweater by the deadline in the Loopy Ewe DIC Knit Along.

This time I remembered to alternate skeins with each row. The colors didn’t look too different, but you never know. And I get to steek again. I’ve done it once and I have no fear of it now so I’m thrilled about knitting in the round and cutting my knitting. I feel a little bit like a mad scientist when I think about it. “Igor! Cut the knitting! Mwwwahahaha!”

There is a story behind the next new start. It’s sort of become my tradition that when I’m at Rhinebeck, I purchase Briar Rose yarn but I have to use it before the next NY S&W Festival. Last year (2007) I used all the Briar Rose yarn from the previous year’s purchase (2006). This year I have one project left to do before Rhinebeck using the last of the Briar Rose I bought last year (2007). That is the other new start.

They had a beautiful Iccarus shawl displayed in the booth. I don’t remember which yarn it was made from, but I ended up getting 3 hanks of Grandma’s Blessing to make it. I’d like to get this one done (or mostly done) before the festival so I won’t feel so guilty buying more Briar Rose yarn. So here is the start. I have 4 weeks and a bit to finish it. I think I may be able to pull that off. I think it will become my lunch knitting.

I'll get a photo of Ribbon Lace. I promise. Bezzie has wanted to see it done for a while and she may get to see it in person before I get around to blocking and posting!


Bezzie said...

Aw man, those are nice, but you know what I've been waiting for! LOL!

Kim said...

your willpower! You can finish your icarus in time and I can't wait to see what you buy this year.

Folly Cove Fiber Freaks said...

I love the Mobius Cowl. That style has a lot of potential for variations that I would love to try "someday". (when the house is clean, the bills are paid, the garden weeded.......).