Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I do? Redux

Back at the beginning of the college football season, Cmdr K made a bet with me. So imagine my surprise when he asked me last week if I wanted to go to the RU game. The one this past Saturday. Rutgers vs Syracuse.

The game Rutgers won 35-17, making their record 4-5.

They’ve won 4 games.

I won the bet.

Cmdr K is freaking out. He was so happy in the first quarter when Syracuse was winning 14-0. Rutgers had it all tied up by half time. Here we are at the game, when Rutgers tied up the game. Ignore how lousy I look (it was raining and crappy and we were soaked to the skin. I had my hair tucked up into the hat, which didn't work).

He asked me if I wanted to go double or nothing, that Rutgers won’t have 5 wins. How can I marry him twice? Heh

OK, seriously now, there is NO WAY I will marry him. He is too scatter-brained. He is always looking for someone else to date, which is insulting, but it sure lets me know where he stands. He gets mad at me for the dumbest reasons. He is a 52 year old man who has yet to grow up. He is not a great catch.

I think the joke has gone on long enough. I have to tell him that I’m never going to collect on the bet. I settled before and I know how stupid that is. I’d rather be alone than settle.

He’ll be so relieved.

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Bezzie said...

I get dibs on a bridesmaid position!!

There's not enough of your boobs in that picture of you guys. My football photography skills obviously trump Cmdr K's ;-)