Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is There a Target On My Back?

Or better yet, when did I become a bad employee? All of a sudden I am being reported to HR for not working my assigned hours and given all sorts of crap for trying to arrange time out of the office for appointments for my knee.

Maybe I just don’t get why someone who has been in the work force for 28 years (HOLY HELL!) has to be treated like a teenager at their first job. Next week they’ll start asking me to punch a time clock.

GAH! (as Bezzie would say)

Let’s move onto a much pleasanter topic…

Look! Imaginary Friend Tish is making a sock! It’s her very first sock and it is coming out so pretty!
She is using some Socks that Rock she purchased at Rhinebeck.

In order for me to be able to show her how to turn the heel, pick up the stitches along the heel flap, decrease along the gusset and eventually, do the toe decreases and grafting, I decided the YO Cable sock would be my instructional knit a long sock.

I'm keeping the foot plain for clearer visual instruction. Tish has done a beautiful job. You should see how pretty the gusset looks, the decreases are not lumpy or bumpy or wandering in the wrong direction like my first sock (thank GOD it was felted after I finished).

BTW – does anyone know a good pattern for 700-800 yards of Noro Silk Garden Bulky? I’ve looked through Ravelry and the majority of the projects are hats and bags.


turtlegirl76 said...

Hopefully you'll be able to talk to HR and get this petty crap straightened out. They don't appreciate you there. They don't deserve you, but work you must.

Kaye said...

Oh wow, I forgot this was IFT's first real sock. Man, she is a knit prodigy. My first real socks...oh boy. I gave it to my mom, because only a mother could love them!

Karen said...

Oh, I feel your pain with the HR issues. Apparently I do everything wrong, I come in too early, leave too early, never at my desk, take long lunches, etc., etc. The same target that's on you, is on me. :(

loopykd said...

Well someone just got a stick up their butt about you is all. Don't take it personally. They are just asserting their own power even though it's petty.

KathyInStitches said...

Power plays, I hate 'em.
Which is why I love working nights- that BS is at a minimum- no one messes much with the graveyard shift. heh

As for punching a time clock, I so hear ya- I have been a nurse for almost 30 years, administer big drugs, make fast decisions that impact someone else's life and carry on in all sorts of turmoil, and I still have to punch a *&$(#&(#*#% time clock, so go figure!

Anonymous said...

What color of STR is Tish making her sock with? I love the colors in it - and may need to add to my stash.