Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter

I’ve been reading this series of books, and am on book 5. I’m not too sure about the series, it’s OK and all, but I don’t know if I like them. I mean I’m into book 5, and they’re holding my attention, but I just don’t think I like any of the characters. They’re all so staunch in their beliefs and uncompromising. The only one who has any appeal for me is Jean-Claude, and he’s evil. I mean, come on Anita, screw his brains out and move on. None of this “he is a monster and I can’t be with him. I just want a regular guy” crap. In your line of work that ain’t gonna happen. Bang the vamps brains out and move on!

I thought the books would have been much more interesting if she became Jean-Claude’s human servant and was still a vampire hunter and zombie raiser.
And where is all the damn sex in these books. When do we get to the sex? I was promised literary sex (Did you know there is a band called “We Were Promised Jet Packs”? Well we were! But I digress).

I’m going back to Stephen King’s Gunslinger series for a while. Not that there’s sex in these books but I need to re-read and move on to some of the additional novels that I haven’t read yet.

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