Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Olympic Sweater - do I get a bronze medal?

I participated in the Knitting Olympics, and I didn’t finish until the first week of March. I wanted to make a sweater that fit me properly, and I did accomplish it.

I had a couple of sweaters in mind, and since I was on Team Briar Rose, I needed to use that yarn, which was a joy because the stuff is beyond yummy. When I swatched with the two different Briar Rose yarns I had, I could have made the sweaters, but with size 2 needles. Can you even imagine? Size 2???? Both of them! Egads!

So I hit the books. Wendy Barnard’s Custom Knits (aka No Pants for You! to me and Bezzie) was my savior. There were a couple of sweaters in that book I thought would work well, but the one that called to me was the Slinky Rib sweater. I got gauge and when the opening ceremonies started, I cast on.

The construction was interesting, and the short row sleeve gave me some trouble, but seriously, I loved knitting it. I’m thrilled with it and I think it’s beautiful, but I think it may be a tad too short. I may make this sweater a little longer, rip out the bottom hem, take out the cast off and knit a couple more inched on it. I think I’ll be happier if it covers my lower belly a little more.

Now I just have to rip out all the other sweaters I have in progress and start them over, or find other things to make with the yarn. ;-)

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Bezzie said...

You gotta send me one of the pics I took of you rocking this sweater--I'll crop out your head. ;-)