Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I’ve never been one for shopping. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true. I do shop and boy can I shop. When it comes to clothes, I always went to the same big girl’s store and just picked out what I knew would fit; what shapes looked best on me. I never tried on and if it didn’t fit the way I thought it would, I’d return it.

Now, it’s a different ball game. I needed a dress for a wedding. Having no idea what size I am now, I thought it would be a good idea to just go to the big girl’s store and get the smallest size dress and hoped it worked.

But a few weeks ago I was hanging out with people from my HS, and one of the girls from my class was saying that she needed single friends because she is recently widowed. I said I needed single friends too. So I told her about this wedding and that I needed a dress. We made plans to go dress shopping.

Man, can that woman shop! I have never shopped like that in my life. I tried on every dress that even remotely interested me. Even if I thought “meh” it went into the try it on pile. And there was a pile.

I ended up with one of the “meh” dresses. It looked kinda crappy on the hanger but OH MY it looked really great on me. It’s just a fancied up black strappy dress. I have a bolero sweater to wear over it, which has pearls stitched onto it around the hem and neckline and down the front. Pretty.

What amazed me was that I was fitting into dresses that were 5 sizes down from what I was before I started losing weight. In a few more pounds that size will fit me perfectly. I did get the size that is 4 down from what I was. That’s a major accomplishment.

I found a dress!!! Woo!

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Jo said...

Congratulations! I'm so pleased for your progress. I've only lost 40 pounds, but I love walking by the big girl store and thinking, "The only thing that fits me in there are the bras..."