Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nogo Mojo

I’ve been “un-creative”. Or maybe “un-creating” is the right phrase. I’ve ripped out one sweater that was partially finished. There are three more that I need to rip. I have scads of first socks that are in various stages of completion, and those need to be ripped too. Shawls, the same thing. I’m reclaiming a lot of yarn and I have no desire to knit anything with it.

A few years ago I was making and selling beaded jewelry. I participated in a few craft fairs and didn’t sell all that much. I didn’t even recoup the cost of entry. My jewelry was pretty, but the organizers didn’t realize they had several people selling beaded jewelry at all the events I was at. Anyway, I’ve been taking apart all the jewelry I made and reclaiming those supplies too.

Could this be a way of clearing the decks for something that’s coming? Is there a big ass project/event coming my way that I need to be mentally unfettered for? Should I worry about being so un-creative? I’m not even working on anything I had been working on. It’s pathetic.

Or maybe I’m preparing for a change in needle art again. I have a bunch of needlepoint canvases that’ve been calling to me. I wonder if that’s the next thing for me, for a little while anyway.

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Kim said...

I enjoyed my knitting break and have started a new needlepoint. The intention is to work on whichever craft is calling to me without worrying so much about completion.