Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What’s Happening…

… with getting a new kitten? (thanks to Kim for commenting)

Well, they’re still too little to take away from their momma. EC2.0 showed them to me last week and they still have their eyes closed. But – CUTE! There are three of them and they’re black and white spotted. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I told EC2.0 that if it was at all possible I want a male. I decided last night that if I do get a male, he will be named Otto. I’m serious.

This month is kitty well visit month for the furry girls. So I had them at the vet last night and discussed getting a kitten with her. The vet was very supportive of my adopting her and asked if she thought I could catch the Mom and get her spayed. That’s something I’d love to do, but after the $450 visit last night, I don’t know if I can swing it.

Why that much you ask? Well, first there were the 2 distemper shots they needed which are good for 3 years. So that was like $110, for the shots alone. Then their yearly rabies shots, Noel’s butt shave (Kitteh Brazilian!) and Katie got blood taken for blood work.

It seems that now Katie is a senior aged pet. Here I was thinking she was 6 years old. I adopted her from the vet’s office and I was under the impression she was 2 when I got her. Apparently, she was 4 when I got her because she was born in 2002. Anyway, she needs some dental work done. Poor little thing has a genetic condition where her gums grow up and over a tooth. So they need to remove the tooth. They gave me an estimate for that and I nearly passed out. I’ll be saving up for that.

Oh, and Noel gained 1.5 pounds this past year, bringing her up to just over 18 lbs. I have to start her on a diet and feed her separately from Katie. Technically, I am not allowed to lift her since I can’t lift anything over 10lbs since the knee surgery. LOL! Katie gained a whole .2 of a pound.

All this blather to say that the girls are healthy and have their shots up to date so a new kitten coming in with worms and fleas won’t affect them too much until the parasites are gone. Especially if I keep them apart till the vet gives the OK.


Bezzie said...

Do your girls go outside?

Hee hee, what happened to "George"? Although I like Otto.

Otto Von Kittyschnuggles.

Kim said...

I have a brother-in-law named Otto. I am serious, too!