Friday, April 23, 2010

And so…

… what’s happening with EC2.0?

I asked him out. He told me he is still legally married but has been separated for 7 years. He owns his own house and all. But there have been several attempts at reconciliation to no avail, but they're going through another one again. He hasn’t gone through with the final step of the divorce because his wife is “very fragile”. Then he said “but otherwise, yeah”.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Gah!

So for a couple weeks we’ve kept up the flirting and all that crap. I thought about his still being married and decided that things would just have to continue the way they have been. Not a good situation for me to get into.

I'm really good at attracting unavaliable and uninterested (dude from on-line dating) men aren't I?


1 comment:

Kim said...

leading you on is a funny way to attempt a reconciliation. That dude is stuck!

Your 'Mr. Right' must be trying really hard to find you...hang in there, he may be just around the corner.