Saturday, May 15, 2010


You've all seen the photos and recaps around the blog-o-verse, so I won't bother posting my recap here, except to show you this...

Kilt or man in a skirt? I think man in a skirt. There are plenty of guys in kilts at these fests, but the pockets make this just a skirt. And a CARGO pocket?

Comment with your thoughts.


Trillian42 said...

No, no! That's a UtiliKilt! They are awesome! I keep trying to convince Kris that he needs one. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm with Trillian, it's definitely a utilikilt. I love them, they're excellent :D

Bezzie said...

I think he just wanted to match his stroller.
If they want to wear skirts, just wear skirts, quit trying to fool us with the "kilt" angle. Plus when you wear a skirt, you can sew a pocket into it that doesn't add 20 lbs to your thighs like that "utilikilt" does. Fashion crime on many levels.
Next year you and I are are going to wear matching leiderhosen.