Sunday, March 20, 2005

Congress in a Vegatative State

I've been reading a lot about the poor woman in Florida, Terri Schiavo. I can't believe this woman is still alive. I am so angry about the whole situation. This in NOT something that the entire country should be involved in. The high court, Jeb Bush and congress should butt out and let this woman pass away.

The facts are that this woman has been in a vegitatave state for 15 years. The chemical imbalance that caused her heart to stop was caused by anorexia. She was so sick she almost died because of her mental illness 15 years ago. How can her parents even THINK that she would want to live when she was so miserable with her life and herself? Did they deal with her suffering day in and day out like her husband did? I don't think so. I'm not saying they didn't, but just not as accutely as her husband.

Terry's parents are saying that "She could get better." Huh? In the history of medical record keeping there has NEVER been a person who has come out of a vegatative state after so long a period of time. Two court appointed doctors have confirmed that she is in a vegatative state. The Florida State courts have done what is right, to let this woman die. Although, I think assisted suicide in this case would be called for so the poor thing wouldn't have to starve to death.

FL passes Terri's Law giving Jeb Bush the power to overturn the court's decision. Several court appointed doctors and specialists find her to be in a persistent vegatative state and some state rep (
Rep. Frank Attkisson - R) saw a video of her and "I said, wait a minute, that's not my definition of somebody in a comatose situation." Where did he get his medial education?

So not this is a political battle of the worst kind because, once again, religion has been brought into the scene. Constant vigils are being kept outside the nursing facility where Terri "lives". The parents spokesman is a catholic preist. The entire country is now wrapped up in this tragedy and mostly it's along the same politcal lines as the presidential election was.

Congress has called a special session for today to discuss overturning the FL court ruling to remove Terri's feedint tube. W is flying in from TX so he can sign the bill as soon as it lands on his desk. Why are they interferring with this family's greif? Why are they prolonging it? They actually subponeaed a vegatable. Then a "right wing leader" is caught trying to bring Terri bread and water. HELLO?!? This fight is over removal of a feeding tube, how was that dim wit going to get food and water into her?

I'm just so mad over this whole thing. So irate. I want to cry for that poor woman and her husband. I want to throttle everyone else who is prolonging her life and his greif because of their own selfish reasons.

Read more about it here and read about Terri's law here.

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