Monday, March 14, 2005

Crash and Trash TV

Last week my brothers were both yakking on and on about this show they both happened to catch called “Carpocalypse”. This week I had to tune in. This is one of those “reality” type shows, but also sort of a game show. Here is my take on it…

There are 11 or 12 members of a car club. The leader of the pack tells the rest of the crew what this week’s car race will be. I was lucky enough to have a two race night. The first was “Blind Taxi Driver” where they were all paired off and the driver had a bag over their head and their partner talked them around the track. The second race was again, a taxi race, but the taxi was pulling a 15 foot boat behind it. If the boat became separated from the car you were disqualified.

Off go the contestants to find the vehicles they’ll need for the race. What follows is a trek through Florida’s junkyards while interviewing the contestants. One fellow had his hand in a splint. He confessed that he was fixing a transmission and it fell on his hand, breaking it. Since he didn’t have the time or the money to go to the emergency room, he SET IT HIMSELF!!! There are a lot of things wrong with that statement, but let’s just focus on HE SET IT HIMSELF!!!

The race organizer had to keep checking on this guy – to make sure he wasn’t too drunk to drive. He even said something about “Advil and Crown Royal”. Hello??? Go to the emergency room!!!

Then there is the man who has something wrong with one of his eyes. They showed him at home, and his girlfriend was getting on his case about not being around. He was commenting to the camera that she just didn’t understand how important this racing was to him. He barely made it to the race on time – he ran into the track and hopped in the car with his “blind” driver and off they went.

Now – Here I was thinking that the payoff on these races was pretty nice. A thousand dollars or so. But no! For each race the winner got $300!!! The guy with the broken hand was counting on winning so that he could go to the ER. $300!!! Amazing!

No – he didn’t win either race.

I’m hooked. I’ll be tuning into Spike TV every Saturday at 8PM. You should too.

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