Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday thoughts

I think spring is almost here. It’s still really cold out, but the sun is shining brighter, and the birds are singing more frequently. The forecast is for “rain mixed with snow toward evening” instead of “snow possibly mixing with rain.”

My parents are coming north for Easter. That means Mom stays with me and Dad stays with my brother. I have no idea when they are arriving, so I’ve started cleaning now. Not to mention with all my physical ailments of late – this is no small task. Things have got out of control. Nothing has been put away so my world has become “unstuffed”.

So this weekend I began re-stuffing everything into the hidey holes they belong in. I actually did a lot of throwing out. The thing that made me happiest is that even while getting a start on the white tornado cleaning, I was able to keep off my leg as much as possible. This morning was the first one in a very long time that both my legs and especially my ankles looked normal. Now that its noon time, the leg/ankle has started to swell again. At least I know it can look normal and will look normal in the near future.

As I was laying in bed this weekend, talking to Nikki as she yowled at me, I realized that I better tell my Mom about this new phenomenon. Nikki yowls, I talk back, she yowls again and we have a whole little conversation. This takes place pretty much any time of day. My Mom, who loves that little fur ball as much as I do, will never live with this. I may have to move into the guest room so that Nikki and I can have our conversations at all hours of the day and night and I’ll only minimally bug my Mom. Either that or she can opt to stay with my brother and SIL and the nephews. At least she has been warned.

Movies I watched this weekend…
Flirting with Disaster – a little gem that I forgot about seeing before. It’s hysterical. I recommend it highly

Troy – It’s hard to watch something that you already know the ending. The only reason to watch this movie – the men, especially the guy who played Hector. YUM! Oh – and getting to see Brad Pitt’s butt a couple of times.

I Robot – The action sequences were cool. The robots cool. The story, predictable.

I’m not exactly the best person to rate movies. As long as I’m entertained its money well spent. I guess I have low standards. I love the classics, the thought provoking, the silly and some kid movies. As long as I don’t have to “watch” every second on screen, I’m happy. You see, I’m usually working on some needlecraft or beading or something that, so I have to be able to just listen to the movie for great chunks of time.

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