Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Being single SUCKS!!!

And not because it's "being single". I've actually got used to my own routine. Some days I think that a man would just get in the way of me doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

Being single sucks because the world is made for married people with or without children. Let's talk about the obvious since it's coming up on tax time. If I didn't own my place, I'd pretty much have NO deductions. I'd have to pay. Now, married couples get more than double of what I'm getting back and families, even more so. I don't get a break on my property taxes because I don't have a kid. I still have to pay into the school system like every one else, even tho I don't get any benefit out of it. So why should they get a break on federal taxes because they DO have kids?

Here at work we have a weekly "health tip sheet" that comes from our health insurance carrier. This week it was about stress since this is National Stress Awareness Month. Who knew? Anyway - the first line of the e-newsletter is:

"Everyone seems to be stressed these days, and no one more so than the working parent."

Excuse me?!? Single working people are always the ones stuck in the office covering for the working parents. It's assumed that since we don't have kids or a spouse we don't have lives outside of the office. So all the Mom's and some of the Dad's book out the door to pick up their kids before 6PM and leave the single folks to do the work and put in the long hours.

Basically I'm just complaining about things that will never change.

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