Monday, April 04, 2005

The water is rising...

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink...

That's running through my head (where is it from anyway?) because I'm sitting here in my office, pretending to do work. NJ is flooded. Not the enitre state, but big portions of it, including the parking lot of my office building.

It was weird not being able to drive anywhere close to the building. The COO set up a shuttle bus service (a real nice bus too) from the mall parking lot across the street to the building. I first arrived in the area at about 9:30 am after manuevering through all the traffic to get here. By the time I got to the building it was 11:30. Granted, I coralled a couple of people to head to the diner for breakfast. But I still got here with the majority of the folks.

Luckily, when I pulled into the parking lot that is adjecent to our building (where we can't park) I ran into the HR person and she told me to go home. Which I didn't feel comfortable doing because I didn't drive all the way up here to go home because we "might" close. Which, obviously, we didn't. I think I earned brownie points for that, since my supervisor reports to her.

So, going home tonight is going to be a thrill, I can tell. Maybe we all should have just stayed at the mall and shopped.

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