Sunday, April 10, 2005

In an attempt to make Sophia's head explode...

This past week was a particularly weird one for me. It all started with the flood (I must post those photos) and then went quickly into long days ending way to late in the night working on a pitch. Tuesday night I was at work till 9PM, which means I didn't get home till 9:45. Count in wind down time and the fact that I suffer from insomnia, and I got very little sleep. Wednesday night I was at work till 11PM, and well, didn't fall asleep till about 1:30 or 2. On top of that I had to get into work early so I was up at 6:30 and out the door at 7:30 to be there for 8:30.

Anyway - I was running around all morning trying to get the attendees of the pitch settled with all they needed and then get them out the door by noon, 12:30 the latest so they could get there and set up with time to spare. I hear it went better than any pitch they've ever attended. The decision maker at the table wanted to give us the business right then and there, but held back, so that's a big plus for us. I got home and was so tired I couldn't sleep. I hate it when that happens.

While I was working all those long hours I missed two phone calls from the same number on my cell. One on Tuesday night and one on Wednesday. I had no idea who the number belonged to, but it was from the same area code as my work number. There was no message. I decided that on Thursday I would go to and reverse look-up the number. Well, being as over tired and rushed as I was, I forgot all about it. Till I was tossing and turning Thursday night. I thought there could only be four people who would have called me from that area code; either of my two buddies at work, one buddy I made at work who no longer works there, or the Big Fucking Pig. If it had been any of the first three, they would have left a message and mentioned that they had called. I was convinced it was BFP.

Friday, feeling not much better than I did on Thursday, I remembered to look up the number. It produced no results. So I decided, what the hell, I'll call it and see who it is. Sure enough - the BFP.

Me: BFP? It's Buttercup.
BFP: Hi. How are you.
Me: Fine. What's up?
BFP: Nothing. You?
Me: Just work. What's going on? (My cryptic way of saying "Why did you call")
BFP: Nothing. Hey, I'd really like to talk to you. Can I call you later?
Me: Sure.

(Did you hear the fuse being lit on Soph's head?)

Although I did have my moments of panic and freaking out over why he was calling, I mostly kept busy and was too tired to think on it much. I left normal time and on the way home, my mind was spinning. Every time I started to think he was calling to get back together, I just said a "Hail Mary" and asked her to help me stop thinking these thoughts. She was right there for me, even tho I must have said 10 of them before I got home.

When he called he told me that his dad was in the hospital and some other repurcussions that were happening because of his ex-wife. Then he started talking about how he didn't realize that I was as emotionally involved with him as he thought. That he thought we had a casual relationship, and nothing serious. We talked for an hour. We cleared the air about a lot of stuff. I asked him why, if we got along so great, did he not want to take what we had a step further. He said he was wrong and made a mistake by breaking up with me. He actually said "I made a mistake." WOW! So I asked if there was a chance, if he would want to try again and he said he would love the opportunity. But "that decision is really up to you." He said that too. Holy crap!

(fuse is getting closer to explosives)

As luck would have it earlier in the week my home computer was on the fritz. I was getting whacky messages about running out of memory, which is improbable. The only person I know who I'd trust to fix my computer is BFP. But naturally I didn't want to call him and was trying to figure out if there was anyone else who I could ask to take a look at it. Well, because of the BFP's problem with the ex-wife, he was saying that money was tight. So I asked if I could hire him to fix my computer. He said he could fix it on Saturday. Well, I wasn't available all day, so he came over last night.

(No Sophia, no he didn't stay over and no nothing happened)

He was on his best behavior. He was running a little late and called to tell me. He had obviously showered and shaved before he came. He was a gentleman. He didn't even enter my bedroom when I went in there, mid conversation, to put on socks before we ran out to get a bite to eat. We had good conversation, a lot of laughs and he 1/2 way fixed my computer. I need to get more memory before he can upgrade my operating system. He said that would take him a whole Saturday or Sunday. On his way out the door, he leaned in to kiss me, then realized what he was doing and went for my cheek. I told him that now I needed a hug, and I got a bear hug.

So, I have a lot of thinking to do. And I think we have couple more deep conversations in our future before I can make a final decision. After all, this time I know what I'm getting into.

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