Thursday, March 16, 2006

ALL HAIL... me

I did it! I conquered the dasterdly DPNs. I cast on for sock #2 last night, figuring it didn't really matter if there was a slight difference in gauge from sock 1 to sock 2 just from knitting on 2 circs vs 4 dnps.

See - look how far I got.

I'm embarassed to tell you WHY I gave it another go and stuck with it. I cast the sock onto the 2 circs and knit the first round. I kept getting dirty looks from my kitty who was sleeping on my lap. She is not a fan of the 2 circ method because the ones not in use keep dangling on her and annoying her. Far be it for me to annoy her.

My knitting buddy came to my cube first thing this morning and asked me to help her wind a ball of yarn. She hasn't perfected the two feet method I used to use pre ball winder purchase. So it was a nice, unexpected hour of fondling some Alpaca Cloud Bulky and then knitting for a while. I showed her my sock on DPNs and she ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhed and attagirl'ed appropriately. Although she isn't a cat person, she completely understood my reasoning.

So I don't totally feel like a crazy cat lady.


Me said...

love your reasons for trying DPNs!

(my reason for trying magic loop are: stitches fell off the short DPNs I used for the socks, when cast on for the matching hat... ah well. I guess the main thing is, that we learn new things, not the reasons...)

Unhinged said...

I haven't the patience for knitting, but my grandma did teach me how once upon a time. I twitched through every moment. However, I can see how it might be soothing. I'd just rather ... have a glass of wine.

Kitty pics, please!