Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fitness-a-Long Week 1

I did better than I thought I would. I was able to stick to my planned diet changes fairly well. I did have some slip ups, but I didn't beat myself up over them, which is what I would have done in the past. I was better able to pick myself up and get back to the plan. I'm proud of myself for that. Now I need to start walking and I'll be well on my way.

The measurements did change a little and I'm encouraged to keep going for another week.

Bust -1 inch
Waist -1/4 inch
Hips +1 inch

It seems my excess weight is moving south. But I'll take it. Seeing the difference in the measurements is really fascinating. It's going to be interesting to see how my measurements change from week to week and what the pattern is with my eating/exercising.

The other good news is that my heel is much better. It hardly hurts today, and that was after being on my feet all day yesterday at MD S&W! YEEHAW!

I'll update about that tomorrow, and have stash photos for you on Fridays for a couple of weeks. I did buy, and more than I need, but it wasn't as bad as I've been in the past.
It was a great, fun day!

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Bezzie said...

Hee hee--I like the idea of the weight moving south--until what, you walk it off--literally?

I'm still tired--I'll probably take a nap at lunch!