Friday, June 20, 2008

Tales from the WIP heap

And it is a heap, believe me.

Work has been kicking my ass and my parents arrived on Wednesday to attend a wedding this weekend. It’s been busy.

Here’s an update of some of the things I’ve been working on:

The boy’s blankets; There was no way I was putting an afghan on my lap the last couple of weeks, even in my house which has central air. No. Way. So there was no progress there.

My socks for Dad for Father’s day:
Yeah. I was knitting at one of the ball games the last couple weeks and my SIL asked me who the socks were for. When I told her they were for my dad she said she didn’t think they would fit. That he wouldn’t be able to get the sock on. Well, now I’m second guessing myself about them. I just may finish them and give the socks to her. Blue is her favorite color. Why do I have so much trouble knitting socks for my dad?

Lace Ribbon:
It gets longer and longer.

Pineapple Scarf:
This is my latest obsession. There isn’t one thing about this scarf I don’t love. It’s going to be one of those projects that I blow through, like the last crochet wrap/scarf (I finished in 2 days). And I love the yarn. I’ve never used Nashua yarns before and this is their organic cotton. It’s soft, has really nice stitch definition, and the colors are real pretty. I’d use this yarn again any day.

And once again the use of my lap for the photoshoot. But the black pants work!

Thanks to Justine at Anglefire Studios, I’m obsessed with this Japanese Crochet book.

That’s where the pattern for the Pineapple Scarf comes from. They have really creative stitch combinations in their designs and I’m hooked. There are about 6 things I want to make from the one book I purchased. I’d even make them all out of the Nashua Organic Cotton since it works up so nicely.

Yeah, I know I have many other WIPs or should I say UFOs around the house. I do intend to get to them because I want them to move from my year end unfinished list to the finished list.

But I keep starting new stuff. This must stop.

Bezzie – this is for you. A picture of the finished and blocked baby sweater.

Yeah, taking pictures at work again... ;-)


Bezzie said...

Dang woman!! You're cranking on the pineapple!!

Thanks for the final pic--it looks amazing. Guess what June's prize yarn is? Numma Numma! First you've got me looking at camel fluff, now Numma Numma!

Kim said...

ohhh, the baby sweater looks even better!

Wow, crochet kicks my butt, but your pineapple looks great.